STACHKA Gym (closed)

Note: STACHKA Gym is no longer in existence. I now train clients at Strength N Fitness Club in Cranford, NJ. But STACHKA may rise again. When it does, You Are There.

STACHKA Gym is an old-fashioned hardcore garage gym. It’s dark, cold, and badass as hell, perfect for heeding the teachings of Tsatsouline or Zatsiorsky while blasting all the hardcore metal, rap, trap, and dubstep you can handle.

Stachka means “Strike” in Russian. I used a Russian name for my home gym for two main reasons. 1) Many modern training methodologies originated in the Soviet Union, and 2) it gets cold in there. Really cold.

But when you train in STACHKA during the colder months, you simply tell yourself:

“Today, I am a Russian.”

Scroll down for a full list of equipment in STACHKA.

STACHKA Gym features the following badass equipment.

  • TDS Squat Stands and Safety Stands
  • Ironmaster Superbench Pro
  • Deadlift Bar, Power Bar, Trap Bar, and EZ-Bar
  • Adjustable Dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds
  • 700 pounds of Olympic Plate
  • Bumper plates in 45s, 25s, and 10s
  • Olympic Loadable Dumbbell Handles
  • Plate-Loaded Kettlebell Handle, plus one 16kg kettlebell
  • Westside-style weight sled
  • Pullup Bar
  • Dip Station
  • Reverse Hyperextension Bench
  • Cable Pulldown and Low Row with 48″ Wide-Grip Pulldown handle
  • Landmine Slug
  • Front Squat Harness by Baraban
  • 2 Step Platforms plus 7 pairs of risers
  • Rope pushdown handle, V-handle, wide grip row, Viking Press handle, neutral-grip landmine row handle, and other accessories
  • Assorted Elastics
  • Neck Harness
  • High-Quality Swiss ball
  • 12 square feet of puzzle mats

And when the workout is done, and we leave to continue our day, we say:


Want to train at STACHKA Gym in beautiful West Orange, NJ? Email me for rates and availability.