Personal Training

photo: Felipe Osorio

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About nine-tenths of my current personal training clients are house-calls. This means that I drive over to the client’s house and train them on their home gyms, in the gym of their apartment buildings, or in their apartments themselves. I train them with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio machines, elastic bands, weight plates, ankle weights, weighted vests, medicine balls, and whatever else is available. 

The remaining one-tenth of my clients train at my home gym, which includes TDS-brand squat stands, barbells, dumbbells, trap bar, weight bench, 400 pounds in weight plates, a landmine device, pullups, a punching bag, weighted vest, weight sled, step-up platform, a lat pulldown and low cable row/curl machine, padded floor, a kickin’ sound system, and a nearby parking lot for running suicides in the blistering heat or freezing cold. Not everyone can handle my home gym, but those who do almost always describe it the same way: “badass.”

Personal training includes a certain number of sessions per week, at 30-, 45-, or 60-minute intervals, featuring personalized exercise programming, as well as homework workouts, nutrition coaching, and discounted meal plans. Every new client receives a complimentary assessment session.