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Online Coaching

My Online Coaching service allows me to provide many of the essential functions of a personal trainer, but over great distances and at significantly more affordable rates. Through exercise program design, nutritional tracking, and the accountability of a weekly videoconference call, I can help you navigate the main difficulties of transitioning into a healthy lifestyle, or clarify the means to reaching existing health and fitness goals.

Personalized Workout Programs

Personalized written exercise programs based on your specific fitness goals, containing as many workouts per week as are needed. Complimentary “updates” to these workouts, based on your feedback, are included as needed. Additionally, free pre-written “homework” routines, such as HIIT cardio workouts, stretch or ab work, or corrective routines are provided for the other days of the week. New workouts are created as needed.

Weekly Skype Call

The Skype call (30-60 minutes) allows us to check in on your exercise and nutrition progress and review any challenges or questions you might have. It also allows me some ability to demonstrate, visually, important exercise movements.


Perhaps most importantly, it allows me to provide you with positive encouragement and face-to-face accountability.

Nutritional Tracking

Nutritional Tracking allows me to maintain oversight of your caloric intake. There are three levels of the nutritional tracking service that I provide, based on the client’s needs and practicality.


Food-Tracking: This requires you to provide me with regular lists (at least three days a week) by email of your daily food intake for analysis and accountability, and to identify underlying issues or problematic patterns and suggest alternatives.


This requires a greater level of commitment than Food-tracking. You will use MyFitnessPal to record your daily caloric intake, which I view regularly, providing a higher level of nutritional oversight. This also allows me to more clearly determine your nutritional picture and provide more specific advice.


By calculating your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and specific macronutrient needs, I can determine specific parameters for achieving particular weight loss/gain goals, and determine the exact amounts of macronutrients necessary to stay within those parameters. I provide nutrition and lifestyle advice to facilitate progress.

24-Hour cancellation fee: Canceled Skype calls outside of the 24-hour limit are subject to a $15 cancellation fee.

note: I am not a dietician or nutritionist. I do not formulate “diet plans” or “nutrition plans.” I provide personalized advice based on a wide array of health questions and other precautions. Although I make every effort to maintain the safety and suitability of my advice, it is your responsibility to consult with a medical or nutrition professional and determine if the advice given is suitable for you.


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