Our Services

Over the years, RQ’s list of services has expanded. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, don’t worry. I can recommend exactly what I think is best for reaching your goals. And the first session or discussion is always FREE. For a price quote, send me an email.

Personal Training

Personalized training programs, face-to-face one-on-one exercise instruction, nutrition advice, and full accountability. Everything personal training is, nothing it isn’t.

Online Training

The majority of my work now in the Quarantine Era, Online Training includes everything that Personal Training does, except that it’s done online. I’m with you for every step of the workout.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching means that you receive a generalized, less-personalized program that you perform on your own time and report back to me. Online Coaching includes video spot checks, weekly Zoom calls, unlimited email exchanges, and nutrition advice. A cost-effective option for the more self-motivated fitness enthusiast.

In-Person Strength Coaching

Train at least twice a week in my STACHKA Garage Gym, featuring everything you need to get stronger, faster, healthier, and more pain-free on a generalized, non-personalized program that WORKS FOR EVERY BODY.

Single-Lift Coaching

Want to improve and make safer your Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Pullup, Dip, or Row? I can do that for you. Having performed these exercises for over 10 years, I can get yours to the next level. Single-Lift Coaching includes a non-personalized workout program for building that lift and more information on it than you can imagine exists. Bring a notebook. This service is also good for learning to work around injuries. In-person only. [Learn More]

Workout Programs without Coaching/Training

Personalized workout Programs will get you started. Most of the plans I create utilize the Paralinear Strength Method for recreational lifters. If I don’t think you’re ready for a personalized program, I will direct you to one of my free programs. I have no desire to take your money for a product that you’re not ready for (and by the way, it’s okay to not be ready for it). All buyers are required to fill out a injury history and health assessment. Personalized workouts programs start at $49.99.

Nutrition Coaching

Can be added to any of the above services. Nutrition Coaching is a weekly, half-hour-long video call in which all of the information and accountability you need to achieve your nutrition goals is provided in easy, actionable steps. Does not include a meal plan.

Meal Plans without Coaching

A Meal Plan is a personalized plan that must be adhered to ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT. It is not for the faint of heart, for novices, or for people with high-stress lives. But it is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to assure optimum results….if you can stick to it. And if you can’t, then it’s not what you need. And that’s okay.

Fitness and Nutrition Consulting

Just want to learn more about a specific fitness topic, or fitness in general? Want to introduce your family, coworkers, or friends to the topic of fitness with the help of a human being instead of an article they’ll never read or video they’ll never get around to watching? I can help. One-on-one, small-group, or large audiences.