Editing Services


If you have written something and you need it edited to as close to perfection as possible, I offer superior editing services at affordable rates.

If you have a creative idea you want expanded or improved—say, the plot of your short story, novel or screenplay, the “purpose of this essay,” or a catchy slogan—I also offer creative consulting services.

A Writer’s Editor

For ten years, I was Assistant Editor at The Audiophile Voice, a bimonthly magazine featuring high-end audio equipment and music reviews. In the years during and since, I have edited everything from Statements of Purpose for graduate school applications to newspaper articles to 1,000+ page reference books.

I have an extremely cultivated eye for grammar, punctuation, content, and conceptual development based on the experience of having edited the easily 1,000,000+ words I have written in my lifetime: novels, short stories, poems, articles, essays, blog entries, and beyond.

Editing Rates

Different types of writing require different levels of editing. For pure grammar/syntax editing, I charge $20 an hour. For grammar/syntax plus content requiring some level of rewrite, I charge $25 per hour. For complete rewrites or overhauls, I charge $30 per hour. Though I will make recommendations, the appropriate level of editing is determined based on the client’s needs. Student discount available.

Creative consulting rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.