Drum Instruction


I have been playing drums for 24 years and teaching drums for over 10 years. I am a contracted drum teacher with Musika Music Lessons and can conduct lessons in the student’s home or, alternatively, in my own home studio.

My philosophy to drum instruction is based on the understanding that young drummers want to learn how to jam and improvise quickly. When it comes to playing rock-and-roll and its nearly countless derivatives, the ability to effectively listen, self-critique, and play “with feeling” are far more effective tools for accomplishing this than endless by-rote learning or an overemphasis on music theory. In effect, I teach the student how to teach himself or herself, which is the best way for developing a personal style and personal affinity for drumming.

To view my Teacher Profile, containing information on my teaching techniques, availability, and fees, click the Musika link below.

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