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Mark Ludas is an accomplished certified personal trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has been a personal trainer for five years.

All of Mark’s clients reach or make progress on their fitness goals. Mark also holds Kettlebell Concepts 1 (KBC1) certification and CPR/AED certification from the American Red Cross.

As an antiwar, antiracist, anti-misogynist, and anti-homophobe personal trainer, Mark is a little different from your average fitness professional. What is he in favor of? People Power, Self-Love, and #Wokeness.

As a child, Mark was plagued by severe asthma. Throughout his adolescence and into early adulthood, he was convinced that he simply was not “meant” to feel strong, robust, and healthy. But upon discovering weight-training and eventually becoming a fitness professional, he actively overcame this misguided notion. Now, he helps others do the same.

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Mark Ludas CPT is on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and is fully insured.

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