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“All of my workouts, recommendations, and advice are intended to guide you into a healthy lifestyle, and avoid unhealthy starvation diets, unrealistic workouts goals, and other pratfalls.”

– Mark Ludas, RQ Team


Mark Ludas is an accomplished certified personal trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has been a personal trainer for five years.

All of Mark’s clients reach or make progress on their fitness goals. Mark also holds Kettlebell Concepts 1 (KBC1) certification and CPR/AED certification from the American Red Cross.

As an antiwar, antiracist, anti-misogynist, and anti-homophobe personal trainer, Mark is a little different from your average fitness professional. What is he in favor of? People Power, Self-Love, and #Wokeness.

A Little Bit More About Mark…

As a child, Mark was plagued by severe asthma. Throughout his adolescence and into early adulthood, he was convinced that he simply was not “meant” to feel strong, robust, and healthy. But upon discovering weight-training and eventually becoming a fitness professional, he actively overcame this misguided notion. Now, he helps others do the same.

Success Stories

  • "Working with Mark, I lost 22 pounds in three months without starving myself. Mark makes the process as simple as possible with proper guidance and advice. Discipline is the hardest aspect but the support is there to make sure I stay in check. Mark is responsive to my needs and cares about stress and strain before, during, and after the workout. He keeps me motivated and inspired to continue pushing my limits while understanding physical restraints like previous injuries and mental blocks about particular weaknesses in my build. Easy recommendation to anyone looking for a good trainer!"

    -Craig W.
  • “With Mark as my personal trainer, I achieved my goal of losing 20+ pounds healthily. Every workout is carefully designed based on my fitness goals, but he never makes me do exercises I dislike. Mark’s words always motivate me to carry on when I am about to quit; he is a true communicator! Outside of training, Mark keeps a close eye on my nutrition and helps me find gluten-free alternatives. The teamwork between Mark and I goes above and beyond what I can ask for.”

    -Namie W.
  • “I am proud to say that I am currently down about 15 pounds since I started training with Mark. I continue to follow everything he taught me improving my health everyday. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for a fresh new routine and path to meet their health/fitness goals.”
    -Jonathan S.
  • "Mark offers exceptional, affordable personal training and coaching services. When I say Mark is available 24/7 for help, that is not an exaggeration. Mark is great for any level of fitness but I found him especially helpful in starting to get the fitness ball rolling. I would recommend him without a single hesitation."

    -Ferdinando P.

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